Proposed Agenda for January 10, 2012 Meeting

Proposed Agenda for January 10, 2012
Moderators: Jill L., Carole
Time: 1.5hrs (for real this time)

1) Trajectory over the next four months: Actions and Messaging (Lead in, Andy)–30min

2) Labor Conference: Sessions, Specifics, and Outreach–25 min

3) Break Out Groups: Muckraking, Labor Conference, Outreach, and Action Planning–30 min

4) Announcements

*We may be having our meeting at another location, please double check prior to showing up for the meeting tomorrow. We should let you know by the end of today, Monday, January 9, 2012.  Thank you for your patience.  


Protest against Hyatt’s Threats to Cancel Chicago Workers’ Health Benefits!

In the last two years of contract negotiations in Chicago, Hyatt has refused to budge on crucial demands to curb subcontracting and ease working conditions for housekeepers—demands met by Hilton and other hotel employers citywide. In response, Hyatt workers have stood up and made tough sacrifices by striking and calling for hotel boycotts.

Now, Hyatt is telling workers in Chicago: end your boycott, or we’ll cancel your health care. In so doing, Hyatt is forcing workers to choose between their families’ immediate medical needs and a fight for their long-term survival.

Now Chicago Hyatt workers are fighting back, and asking others for their support.

Join us Thursday, December 15, 3pm.


Here is a link to the facebook event:

Here is a link to the event on the Occupy Chicago Website:

Proposed Agenda for 12/12

Moderators: James M. and Jill

Time: 1.5 hours

1) School Closures last minute (10)

2) Labor Workshop (25) (Presentations and votes?)

3) Next Collaborative Action (something from the working group as a whole) (20)

4) Break Out Groups (30)

5) Announcements (5)

Map of Targeted Schools by Black Population

Proposed Agenda For Dec. 6th Meeting of Working Group

Moderators: Jill,  Dennis

Time: 1.5 hours

1) December 13th/14th School Action (15).

2) Labor Workshop (Ideas, Purpose, Sessions) (25).

3) Break out Groups: 40

  • Report back (10)
  • Beak Out (15)
  • Commitments for next meeting (15)

4) Meeting for next week (5)

5) Announcements (10)

Occupy Columbia College! This Tuesday and Wednesday!

CTU Flyers for December 13th and 14th Action

Flier Vigil Bd Mtg 2011_12_13


Flier Vigil Bd Mtg 2011_12_13 Spanish